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Health Services Buying Group

As Australia’s only ACCC authorised buying group for healthcare payers, we offer a wide range of health contracting services, specialised data services and health programs for healthcare payers (including private health insurers, general insurers, and travel insurance companies).

We have years of experience in developing and managing hospital networks. Our dedicated team of Hospital Negotiators and Relationship Managers have over 30 years of combined experience in negotiating hospital contracts. They have complementary diverse backgrounds including law, health information management, clinical and hospital executive management.

Our services give participants access to our highly experienced Health Service Contracting team and established provider networks.

Our approach is underpinned by the ultimate goal of improving the value of healthcare delivered through a partnership-minded approach to hospital, medical and general treatment relationships.

With the added benefit of our data science capabilities and health programs, participants of our Buying Group can target funding more confidently towards products, services and programs that effectively prevent, manage, and treat disease risk.

Services include:

  • Hospital Contracting
  • Medical Specialist Contracting
  • General Treatment Provider Contracting
  • Clinical Partners
  • Invoice Review Service

Benefits of joining our Health Services Buying Group

Proven track record of good financial outcomes
Low risk with no lock in mechanisms
Collective buying power
Quality outcomes
Strong focus on the value of healthcare
Partnership led approach to provider engagement
Share the costs (and receive the benefits) associated with provider contract negotiation, administration, and operational processes.
Powered by sophisticated data science
Dedicated and experienced team of Negotiators and Relationship Managers
Our networks

Hospital networks
Our high performing contract negotiation and provider management team, supported by advanced analytics and data science, can deliver the best possible contracting outcomes for our partner’s participant needs.

We proudly set the foundations to improve quality, pay for performance and incorporate value and outcome-based payments in the future.

We have an Australia wide private hospital contracted network covering 88% of all private hospitals.

Medical networks
We develop, negotiate, and manage a range of medical networks Australia wide.

  • No gap network of medical specialists
  • Known gap network of medical specialist

General Treatment networks
We develop and manage an Australia wide network of dental, physiotherapy and optical providers for Australian residents. The network also includes general practitioners, radiologists and pathologists for overseas students and workers.

Clinical partners network
Our Clinical Partners program removes out-of-pocket expenses for total hip and knee replacement surgery through partnerships with medical specialists.

Additional services

Invoice review service
Available for General Insurers, we have developed digital technology which captures hospital provider claims, assesses them against the contract or state scheme schedule to ensure they meet the requirement for payment based on business rules.

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