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Healthcare Analytics

We help you leverage data to drive business decisions and improve health outcomes

Honeysuckle Health offers a range of tailor-made healthcare analytics services for health insurance providers. Our leading team of data scientists work in conjunction with artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms to deliver these programs and services. We draw upon our partner and leading healthcare provider Cigna for their in-depth expertise and intellectual property in data science technologies whilst developing new capabilities of our own.

Understand your customers’ current and future health needs which enables better decision making.
Generate insights from your data to understand future healthcare risks to increase value for you and your customers.
Target customers most likely to benefit from health programs which improve patient experience and better health outcomes.

Program Measurement and Evaluation

We provide end-to-end health program measurement and evaluation by creating continuous feedback loops to improve your health programs offered to customers. Our analytic capabilities enable us to identify the customers who are most likely to benefit from the programs and give you the confidence to scale programs. This allows you to target more customers and improve their health outcomes. Our analytic capabilities include:

  • Measurement of health program performance to reveal what programs to select and the characteristics of customers most likely to benefit.
  • Data analysis that identifies customers with these characteristics helping you target the right customers.

Smart Health Risk Assessment and Personalised Preventative Health Plans

We capture valuable member health data using our Smart Health Risk Assessment which enables you to offer a more personalised experience to your customers. Giving your customers control of their health journey and encourages them to learn more about their current health status. The Smart Health Risk Assessment allows you to identify customers who may benefit from preventative health or health management programs substantially earlier to improve health outcomes.

Generated from information including Smart Health Risk Assessment and claims data, the Good Health Plan offers your customers a series of personalised recommendations for preventative health care. Endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the Good Health Plan engages customers in their own healthcare and prevention activities, empowering them to discuss these issues with their GP.

Provider and Specialist Benchmarking

We have developed a suite of provider and hospital benchmarking reports to compare hospital and medical providers to their peers. Typical metrics compared include:

  • Length of stay
  • Readmission rates
  • Rate of sentinel event occurrences
  • Referral rates to inpatient rehabilitation 

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