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Creating better pathways to better health

Our purpose is to create better pathways to better health for Australians and New Zealanders. We believe we can do this by creating a better connected health system.

Honeysuckle Health is a healthcare services company with strong capabilities in health program development, health services contracting and healthcare analytics.

We take a data science led approach in order to help our clients understand the current and future health needs of their customer bases.

Our products and services are tailored for insurers, payers of healthcare services, employers, primary and public health networks.

Why partner with us? 

  • We use our data and analytics capabilities to understand the current and future health needs of our partners and their customers.
  • We drive significant efficiencies for our partners by focusing on delivering value-based care pathways.
  • We know our partners and their customers enjoy a measurable uplift in member experience when engaging with us.
  • We drive better value healthcare and a better connected health system.

Value we can bring to your business

  • Improved health of your customer base from participating in our health management programs.
  • Engage and empower your customers in their health journey.
  • Improved claims experience and reduced costs of care.
  • Reduced claims costs and an improved bottom line by delivering in-house efficiency via leveraging our expertise in health services contracting.

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Products and services we provide

Health Programs

Development, delivery, and management

Telephonic Health Programs

We have developed a range of telephonic healthcare programs that our team of experienced registered nurses deliver to support the health needs of individuals.

  • Hospital Support Program
  • Mental Health Hospital Support Program
  • Care Support Program
  • Mental Health Care Support Program
  • Injury Support Program

For more information on our telephonic health programs, click here.

Digital Health Programs

We work with digital health providers globally to deliver evidence based digital health programs that give individuals access to mobile applications to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Limber Health
  • SilverCloud Health

For more information on our digital health programs, click here

Health Service Contracting

Development, delivery, and management

Our experienced Health Service Contracting team contracts with providers to deliver value-based care, and to support the decision making of individuals and healthcare providers.

  • Hospital Contracting
  • Medical Specialist Contracting
  • Ancillary Provider Contracting
  • Clinical Partners

For more information on our Health Service Contracting products and services, contact us

Healthcare Analytics

Development, delivery, and management

Our leading team of data scientists work in conjunction with artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms to create and deliver a range of tailor-made healthcare analytics products and services.

  • Health program measurement and evaluation
  • Smart Health Risk Assessment (Smart HRA)
  • Personalised Preventative Health Plans
  • Population Management Strategy Provider and Specialist Benchmarking including PREMS and PROMS

For more information on our healthcare analytics products and services, click here.

"nib's Australian Residents Health Insurance business partnered with Honeysuckle Health to develop our Health Management Strategy (HMS). The HMS is a key component of our broader strategy to move from healthcare payer to healthcare partner. We are now confident on what we need to implement to both improve member health outcomes and reduce overall benefit outlays." Edward Close, Chief Executive – Australian Residents Health Insurance, nib
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