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Our Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Rhod McKensey

Rhod is our CEO, leading a purpose-driven and focused team who use data to innovate healthcare and collaborate with partners to improve health outcomes.

Chief Health Services Officer

Misael Valdes Triana

Misael is our Chief Health Services Officer leading a team of experienced nurses who deliver care management programs that improve health outcomes.

Chief Data Analytics & Technology Officer

Felipe Flores

Felipe is our Chief Data Analytics & Technology Officer, leading a skilled and committed team who use data to drive business decisions and improve health outcomes.

Chief Strategy & Performance Officer

Katharine Barrett

Katharine is our Chief Strategy & Performance Officer, leading a team who drives and delivers strategy, marketing, risk and governance throughout the Honeysuckle Health group.

Head of Health Service Contracting

Sam Webster

Sam is our Head of Health Service Contracting, leading a team who create partnerships promoting high-value care and better health outcomes.

Chief People Officer

Liam Wanless

Liam is our Chief People Officer, leading a team who drives organisational culture, engagement, performance, leadership, and operations across the employee lifecycle.

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Elliott

Greg is our Chief Financial Officer, leading a team who provides strategic financial leadership and drives all financial operations across the business.

Chief Growth Officer

Cassandra Frei

Cassandra is our Chief Growth Officer, leading a team that drives new business and creates opportunities to strengthen client relationships.

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